Who we are and how we envision God calling us to function

First Baptist Church in Muncie has been serving our community since 1859. We have a rich and varied history. While it is wonderful to celebrate our past, we must also continue to discern how God is calling us to function in our current time and place. In these days, we have formed this simple statement to express our purpose and vision.

Our world seems to be getting smaller each year. With the rise of social media, the details of our lives are made public each day. Events on the other side of our planet are conveyed to us within minutes. Yet many are feeling isolated within a sea of information. As people have traded face-to-face relationships for digital communication, the world has lost meaningful connections.

Therefore, we understand our mission as one of gathering together. We gather to worship, fellowship with one another, study, and serve.


Each week, we gather for worship in services. We come together to remind ourselves of what it means to live out the kingdom of God. Music, prayers, Scripture readings, and preaching are ways in which our worship points us toward God. We gather at the table for Communion monthly to reflect on the way that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection empowers us to live out God’s rule and reign in our lives. Public baptisms allow us to celebrate God’s work among us. Baby dedications are public commitments to point our children toward God.


We also find ways to connect outside of the Sunday morning worship gatherings. Fellowship opportunities provide a chance for us to get to know each other. Sharing meals is one way of spending time together. Sometimes our fellowship is an organized event. At other times, we simply get together with each other for a shared activity or meal. We are also able to spend time together as we serve alongside one another in ministry.


Adult Sunday school classes are offered on Sunday mornings during both worship hours. Children and youth Sunday school classes take place during the 9:15 AM worship hour. Life groups meet at various times throughout the week. Most of the time, life groups meet in homes. These groups provide care and support as well as small group discussion around the study of Scripture.


Whether we are serving in our building or our community, we come together to use our God-given gifts to build up the kingdom of God. Everyone is encouraged to find a place to serve. Options that serve our church family directly include visiting shut-ins; working in the children/youth ministries or on the security team; supporting the worship service through music, running the sound board, or preparing communion; or teaching Sunday school or leading a Life Group. Preparing a meal for someone who has been in the hospital or a family who is grieving the loss of a loved one are other ways to serve. First Baptist Muncie also partners with several community agencies to help the under-resourced in our community and can connect you with opportunities to serve through them as well.


While relying on the work of the Holy Spirit, the role of the church is to equip believers to discover God’s presence in our world today. God is on the move. He is working, prodding, calling, and speaking in our workplaces, neighborhoods, offices, and schools. God is active in our world, and we must seek ways to discern His stirring. Our worship, fellowship, study, and service are ways that we equip one another to discern God’s calling in our lives.

God has gifted our congregation with many children and youth. As they are learning what it means to discover God’s presence, age-appropriate gatherings are provided. As with each generation at First Baptist Church Muncie, we strive to pass on our legacy to our children.


As we discover God’s presence, we are invited to be a part of what God is doing. Joining God takes many forms. Guided by Scripture, attended by the Holy Spirit, and led by the message of Jesus, we seek to live out God’s kingdom wherever He has called us. The role of the church is to provide a place where the people of God will be equipped to discern God’s calling and empowered to obey His leading. As we do this, we celebrate together all that He is doing in our lives.

As we learn to open our eyes, ears, and hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are confident that God will use His Church to do His work in this world. In turn, our community and world will be transformed by the power of God.

We would love for you to join our community at First Baptist Church Muncie. Our prayer is that God would continue to add to this congregation.