Worshiping in a Computer Age

Molly Flodder, Adult Ministries Coordinator

As we complete our month of outside services, each of us is examining whether we are ready for the next step: to go back into the church building. As explained elsewhere in this issue, the reintroduction of services inside will not look like “the way we have always done things.” No Sunday School, children’s services, or widespread use of the building will be occurring this first month back inside. Instead we’ll see social distancing, the use of masks . . . all the things that make us feel like we are still in a pandemic.

Now is a good time to decide if you are ready to join the troops “going back” or if you feel safer in a virtual church setting via computer, as we have done since mid-March.

  1. Computer-literate church family: Live streaming of our 10:45 services will occur at \texttt{https://fbcmuncie.org}. People able to do that will be able to also join friends and fellow church family at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays for the live-streaming prayer session. If you are a member of Facebook and have “liked” the FBC Muncie page, you will see the link and easily be able to join in at \texttt{https://www.facebook.com/firstbaptistmuncie}.

  2. Computer-fearful church family: Most people in our church have a computer and WiFi hookup. But there are those who just aren’t sure what to do and find they are stymied when it comes to joining in on these services or even clicking on the weekly messages coming from our church clerk, Colleen Massoth. Colleen and long-time member Wilma Neal made connections recently, and now Wilma is not only finding herself able to get every message coming her way. There are a number of FBC families ready, willing, and able to help you with that sort of thing.

  3. Non-computer-user church family: For those who are not able to use computers but would like to be connected, there is a solution. In May, the church received a technology grant from the Center for Congregations, and among the technology communications benefits of the grant was an opportunity to buy new iPads that could help church leaders and those who “don’t do computers” be hooked up to several communications capabilities and be more closely linked with the church and its current programming. The Roger and Julie Morency family have helped to set this up, and a call to Colleen Massoth can help you start the process to take advantage of that benefit.

Good old-fashioned communications can seem closer for those who decide to informally communicate with church colleagues and friends. Groups are starting to meet outside in each other’s yards to conduct small-group meetings, etc. While summer is here, this would be a way to offer Sunday School, women’s circle meetings, or other get-togethers. The “Warm Weather Life Group,” which typically meets from May through October, is meeting twice monthly, wearing masks and communicating as they discuss a variety of Scriptures and topics. A few other groups in our church are contemplating an outside visit as a way to begin their slow move back toward life as we once knew it.

No matter where you stand in your opinion of what is the right thing for you to do, our church is offering a variety of options where you can plug in.