One Day at a Time

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

As we continue to learn what it means to live in the Kingdom of God, Jesus addresses our concern for daily provisions. Last week, we discussed prioritizing the Kingdom of heaven over earthly matters. In light of this, we might have a tendency to be concerned about earthly provision. It is in this context that Jesus speaks these words.

(Matthew 6:25-34 NTE)  ‘So let me tell you: don’t worry about your life – what to eat, what to drink; don’t worry about your body – what to wear. There’s more to life than food! There’s more to the body than a suit of clothes!  Have a good look at the birds in the sky. They don’t plant seeds, they don’t bring in the harvest, they don’t store things in barns – and your father in heaven feeds them! Think how different you are from them!  Can any of you add fifteen inches to your height just by worrying about it?  ‘And why worry about what to wear? Take a tip from the lilies in the countryside. They don’t work; they don’t weave;  but, let me tell you, not even Solomon in all his finery was dressed as well as one of these.  So if God gives that sort of clothing even to the grass in the field, which is here today and on the bonfire tomorrow, isn’t he far more likely to clothe you too, you little-faith lot?  ‘So don’t worry away with your “What’ll we eat?” and “What’ll we drink?” and “What’ll we wear?”  Those are all the kinds of things the Gentiles fuss about, and your heavenly father knows you need them all.  Instead, make your top priority God’s kingdom and his way of life, and all these things will be given to you as well.  ‘So don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow can worry about itself. One day’s trouble at a time is quite enough.’

I hope you will take the time to mediate on these words before coming to worship on Sunday.

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