Storing Treasure

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

As we continue to work out way through Matthew 6, we come, this week, to a familiar passage. I have preached on this passage several times since I have been your pastor. However, it is a wonderful passage and worth exploring again. Let me encourage you to read the passage as you prepare for worship on Sunday.

(Matthew 6:19-21 NTE)  ‘Don’t store up treasure on earth. Moths and rust will eat it away, and robbers will break in and steal it.  No: store up for yourselves treasure in heaven! Moths and rust don’t eat it away there, and no robbers break in and steal it.  Show me your treasure, and I’ll show you where your heart is.

P.S. Let me continue to encourage you all to be diligent in protecting the congregation from COVID-19. Many of you have let me know when you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive. I have recommended that you not come to church until you are fully in the clear. You all have done a great job protecting everyone else by doing this. Let’s continue to to do all that we can to protect everyone by staying at home when you don’t feel well or have been exposed, wearing a mask, and keeping a safe distance when talking with each other at church.

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