Wade Allen
Wade Allen

Thank you to Caleb Rolling for preaching on Sunday. I appreciate Caleb’s thoughtful and in-depth exploration of the Lord’s prayer. If you were not able to be present (virtually or in person) on Sunday, you can find the sermon here.

This week, we continue to discuss motivations in our righteous acts or spiritual works. A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the giving and prayer. This week, we will talk about fasting. Let me encourage you to take a few minutes to read this passage before we gather for worship on Sunday.

(Matthew 6:16-18 NTE)  When you fast, don’t be gloomy like the play-actors. They make their faces quite unrecognizable, so that everyone can see they’re fasting. I’m telling you the truth: they have received their reward in full.  No: when you fast, tidy your hair and beard the way you normally do, and wash your face,  so that others won’t notice you’re fasting – except your father, privately. Then your father, who sees in private, will repay you.

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For the next several weeks, we will not be meeting in person. We will have a live stream service beginning at 10:45 AM Please visit our YouTube channel for videos and live stream of each service.

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