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Colleen Massoth
Colleen Massoth


I hope you all had an excellent start to the week! I wanted to let you in on some really cool “behind the scenes” things that are happening!

If these past 5 months have showed us how to do anything, it’s been to COMMUNICATE! You all have received many blog updates from me, video and blogs from Pastor Wade, monthly newsletters, phone calls, Facebook prayer time and virtual announcements and sermons. We have tried to leave no stone unturned when communicating with the congregation.

That really got us thinking about ways to enhance your options to communicate with us! One new thing we have started using is texting software that integrates with our church database, Planning Center. I won’t bore you with the specifics, but it is super awesome!

So far, we have created 2 new ways for you to reach out to us. The first one is geared towards first time visitors (yes, families are looking for new church homes even during Covid-19!) We will continue to have our church texting number on our media screen every Sunday so visitors (virtual or in person) can connect with us immediately. Once they text us, they will receive a text with a form to fill out, allowing us to get to know them even better :)

Another thing we have created is a way for our current members and regular attendees to notify the church of any new information or life events. Whether it’s a graduation, special anniversary, decision of faith, change of address, etc. it can all be done through our new texting software!

Now, don’t let me lose those of you without cell phone or texting ability! Each of the forms mentioned above have a unique link that can be clicked on from this email, our church website or simply typed in to your address bar on your computer, laptop or tablet. It’s accessible to everyone :)

Here’s all you’ll need to know!

Text fbcnew to 94000 for first time visitor

Text fbcnotify to 94000 to inform the church of any new personal/family information (birthday, graduation, change of address, etc)

If you prefer to click or type in the link, you can find them below! -for 1st time visitors -for notifying the church of new information

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I’ll be happy to help!

Have a blessed day,


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