Extending the Law

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

It was good to worship with you all yesterday. While we were not able to see each other face to face, we were joined virtually through a live stream. If you missed the service yesterday, it is available on the church website or the church YouTube channel.

This week, we continue our series on the Sermon on the Mount. With our understanding of Jesus' relationship to the OT Law and Prophets, we move into Jesus' first practical teaching. As with each topic, Jesus begins by saying,

(Matthew 5:21 NIV) You have heard that it was said to the people long ago…

He will then quote or highlight the way in which the religious leaders of his day understand the Law. Jesus then responds to each topic with,

(Matthew 5:22 NIV) But I tell you…

In this week’s passage, Jesus will speak of murder and anger. While many in Jesus' day (and in our day also) define wrongdoing as bringing physical harm to another, Jesus is also concerned with what is going on in our hearts. Join us on Sunday as we explore this passage together. We will once again gather via live stream at 10:45 AM. As you prepare for worship, let me invite you to read our text from the NTE translation.

(Matthew 5:21-26 NTE) “You heard that it was said to the ancient people, “You shall not murder”; and anyone who commits murder shall be liable to judgment. But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgment; anyone who uses foul and abusive language will be liable to the lawcourt; and anyone who says, “You fool”, will be liable to the fires of Gehenna. “So, if you are coming to the altar with your gift, and there you remember that your brother has a grievance against you, leave your gift right there in front of the altar, and go first and be reconciled to your brother. Then come back and offer your gift. Make friends with your opponent quickly, while you are with him in the street, in case your opponent hands you over to the judge, and the judge to the officer, and you find yourself being thrown into jail. I’m telling you the truth: you won’t get out until you’ve, paid every last copper coin.”

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For the next several weeks, we will not be meeting in person. We will have a live stream service beginning at 10:45 AM Please visit our YouTube channel for videos and live stream of each service.

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