Palm Sunday

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

I hope this blog entry finds you well. As we make plans for Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday, I wanted to fill you in on a few items.

Palm Branches

First of all, we are going to recording a video (via Zoom) of the children waving palm branches and collectively reading Scripture. If your children would be interested in joining in, please let me know by filling out this quick form at The video will be included the Palm Sunday sermon video.

Parents can download a template to make a palm branch here


This Sunday, April 5 is the first Sunday of the month. We usually celebrate communion together. While we will not be gathered together in person this week, we would invite you to celebrate the Lord’s Supper with your family at the end of the sermon video. You will want to have the elements ready when you sit down to watch the sermon. You can use bread or crackers, wine or grape juice (or really any drink that you might have available). You might want to set up a table (perhaps with a cloth) for the elements before you gather together to watch the sermon and sing the songs.

If you have children and would like to involve them in the celebration, let me direct you to this guide. You can simply stop the video and walk through this on your own.

Lord’s Supper Liturgy including children

Resurrection Sunday

On Sunday, April 12, we will celebrate Easter. Unfortunately, we will not be able to gather in person. We will be recording various elements of the service and will compile these videos into a live stream at 10:45 AM on Easter Sunday. We will provide the details of the steam next week. For now, plan to worship virtually with us through songs, Scripture readings, and a sermon. Let me encourage you to dress up, take pictures, and make this day just as special as if you were driving to 309 East Adams Street. We are hoping to provide a way for you to share your pictures through this live stream.

Join us for worship

For the next several weeks, we will not be meeting in person. We will have a live stream service beginning at 10:45 AM Please visit our YouTube channel for videos and live stream of each service.

Worship Schedule