Wade Allen, October 15, 2018

I would like to thank Bill Eidson for preaching last week as we were on vacation. We enjoyed time away as a family. I appreciate Bill taking us along in the story as he discussed Joshua. This week, we fast forward 400-500 years to the time of David. As the people settled in the land (following Joshua), they deeply desired a king. Although this was not God’s plan for them, he finally gives them a king (Saul). Saul was everything that the people thought a king should be. Yet his heart was not fully in line with God. After Saul dies, David is chosen as king. Unlike Saul, David did not possess the outward characteristics of king. In fact, he was overlooked as everyone lined up for the prophet Samuel to select the king. But David was God’s chosen king.

As we reflect on David’s life, we find that he was anything but perfect. He made several crucial mistakes along the way. This week, we will discuss one of David’s most profound mistakes. While it is easy to criticize David and offer suggestions for how not to end up like David, we can learn much from the way he handles the situation.

Not only do we have the historical account of David’s life, the Bible also contains much of David’s poetry and songwriting. As we come to the story of David and Bathsheba, we will also consider Psalm 51. This is David’s plea for forgiveness and restoration. Let me encourage you to read it before Sunday. We will be specifically focusing on the first 12 verses of this psalm.

I hope you have a wonderful week. See you on Sunday.

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