Purpose and Mission of the Holy Spirit

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

We began our sermon series on the Holy Spirit this week. On Sunday, we talked about the prevalence of the Holy Spirit in the coming, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We often think of the Holy Spirit as mostly in the book of Acts. Yet we saw the Holy Spirit all over the work of Jesus throughout the gospels. In fact, Jesus was empowered by the Holy Spirit to do all that he did.

This week, we continue our discussion on the Holy Spirit. We will talk this week about the purpose and mission of the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit’s primary mission is to point us to Jesus, he does so in a number of ways. We will discuss how the Holy Spirit is involved in our reading Scripture and praying. I hope that further understanding of the Holy Spirit will encourage our attentiveness to his presence in our lives each and every day.

You might remember closing this week’s sermon with a collective prayer. I would like to include it here so that you can pray it each day.

Lord, I am open to the Holy Spirit. Come to me, dwell in me, speak to me so that I may become more like Christ. Lord, give me the courage to be open. Lord, I am open to the Holy Spirit. Come, Holy Spirit. Amen

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