Prayer for Us

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

We continue to work through a series on the post resurrection appearances of Jesus. However, we have covered (at least to an extent) most of these appearances since Resurrection (Easter) Sunday. Next week, we will be covering the Ascension of Jesus. On May 20, we will celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday as we conclude the season of Easter. This dynamic leaves us with an open Sunday. So what are we going to be talking about this week?

While there are no post resurrection appearances to discuss, we will be looking at a prayer from John 17. This prayer has to do with Jesus leaving. As Jesus considers his departure, he prays for his followers. It is a fascinating prayer that reaches across the centuries to me and you.

Let me encourage you to read ahead in John 17:9-19 as you prepare for worship on Sunday morning. We will also be recognizing our graduates this week.

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