Wade Allen
Wade Allen

It was wonderful to have Wilisha preaching at First Baptist yesterday. She always does a wonderful job! We enjoyed a short family trip to Springfield to visit with friends. We are glad to be back with you this week. If you missed the sermon yesterday, I would encourage to watch online here or even subscribe to the podcast to listen to the audio.

This week, we continue with a complicated passage in Mark 13. This chapter is often called the Olivet Discourse. I hope I did not put you to sleep with those three words. Don’t worry, we will not get too technical on Sunday. Jesus’ speech in Mark 13 is in some ways a farewell speech to his disciples. He is getting ready to leave and is giving them instructions about the future. This chapter forms a bridge between the ministry of Jesus and the passion story of Jesus. As you prepare for worship this week, let me encourage you to read Mark 13:1-37. I am sure that you will come to worship with questions.

Join us on Sunday as we explore Jesus’ words together.

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