Seeing Jesus

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

As we continue through the season of Lent, we are walking through the Jesus story together. This year, we are following Mark’s account. Last week, we discussed the Transfiguration and Jesus’ instructing his disciples about what it truly means that he is the Messiah. This week, we continue on the journey with several familiar stories.

Once again, we find Jesus locking horns with the religious leaders. We witness an encounter with a rich young ruler and witness Jesus’ final miracle recorded in Mark’s gospel. All the while, Jesus is making his way toward Jerusalem. He knows (and has told his disciples a number of times) that he will be killed and rise again.

The final picture in this week’s text is once-blind Bartimaeus walking with Jesus toward Jerusalem. Certainly, his physical sight has been restored. He can see! At the same time, his spiritual sight is good enough to follow Jesus. As we consider these stories, we examine our spiritual sight. Can we see Jesus for who he is? Is our vision clear enough to follow him? I hope you will read Mark 10:1-52 as you prepare for worship on Sunday.

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