Wade Allen, December 12, 2016

It is fun to look at the Advent/Christmas season through the eyes of children. They have an entirely different way of looking at the celebrations. For them, it is all about getting to Christmas Day. Certainly they enjoy the seasonal festivities. But for them, it is all about Christmas morning; that is when they receive their presents. When our kids were younger, we would often begin Christmas Day at 5 or 6 AM. It was finally here and they wanted to get downstairs as soon as possible.

As children look forward to Christmas Day, they understand the dynamic of waiting. They are told to be patient and it will get here soon enough. Yet as each day passes, the anticipation grows. In our text this week, we come to James 5:7-10. This scripture is about patience.

Join us on Sunday as we spend a portion of our service enjoying Children’s Choir. We will also engage James 5:7-10 together.

Note: As you plan your holiday schedule you might make note that we will gather at 7 PM for a special candlelight/communion service on Christmas Eve, for a combined worship service at 11 AM on Sunday, December 25 and a combined service at 11 AM on Sunday, January 1.

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Wade Allen will be preaching this week (February 23) from Matthew 17:1-9

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