Wade Allen
Wade Allen

As I have studied the 12 disciples over the past several weeks, I have been surprised by the lack of information we have on many of them. One might assume that the 12 disciples are central characters in God’s story; therefore their lives should be detailed for us in God’s Word, the bible. We envision specifics on each of their callings, stories that reveal their personalities and at least a paragraph or two on what they did during the period of the early church. This is not at all the case. For many of the disciples, we only have a sentence or two. Most of them seem to disappear from the story in the book of Acts as Peter, John and Paul fall into lead character roles. Much of what we know is left to tradition.

The disciples we are talking about this week are extremely obscure; we know almost nothing about them. It might seem impossible to write an entire sermon about three veiled characters. However, we can glean tidbits of information from their names and an understanding of the culture in which they lived. I promise that you will learn something new on Sunday; almost everything I will present is fresh to my understanding of the twelve.

(Luke 6:15-16 NIV) James son of Alphaeus, Simon who was called the Zealot, Judas son of James

Pray that God will empower us as we study His Word together on Sunday morning.

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