Wade Allen, July 18, 2016

A key theme in our series over the lives of the Twelve (disciples) is the transformation that occurs in their lives. We have talked about Peter. He was an outspoken jerk who is transformed into a humble follower of Jesus. Andrew was a quiet behind-the-scenes kind of guy who develops the courage to tell others about Jesus. James and John are reckless and all about position and power. Jesus transforms them into men who are willing to lay down their own plans for God’s plans. Philip was a man of weak faith who was unable to see the glory of God. He is changed into a powerful preacher who was willing to lay down his life for his faith. Nathaniel was a man of prejudice who could not see how anything good could come from Nazareth. Yet he becomes a true believer who confesses his faith to the end. Last week, we discussed Matthew. His conversion is perhaps the most dramatic; he leaves a lucrative, dishonest profession to follow Jesus. This week, we come to another transformed disciple.

Thomas is best known as a doubter. Yet as we look closer, we find that he is really more of a pessimist than a doubter. John is the only gospel that gives us insight into Thomas. We will explore these descriptions on Sunday (John 11, John 14, John 20). We learn much from Thomas. Jesus understands that people like Thomas are in every generation. Maybe that is why he was chosen to be a disciple. Join us on Sunday as we explore Thomas together.

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