Coming Together
Wade Allen, April 11, 2016

For the past three weeks, we have been together in Luke 24. This week, we veer a bit from the season of Easter to combine with another church in worship. The Revolution Church is a campus based church at Ball State University. They usually meet in the student center on Sunday mornings. On this Sunday, April 17, we will be coming together at First Baptist during the late worship hour. Neil Kring and I will be team preaching from the book of Acts.

As we prepare for Sunday, I would like to give you just a few bits of information that might be helpful:

  • Our early worship service will be at 9:15 AM as usual. Neil and I will be preaching the same sermon as we will preach in the late service.
  • The late service will begin at 11 AM instead our usual 10:45 AM. I would encourage everyone to hang out downstairs and enjoy the fellowship time a bit longer.
  • Several students will be baptized during the late worship hour.

It is a beautiful dynamic when churches can join together for worship. While First Baptist Church and The Revolution have different ministry dynamics, we share a common calling and common Gospel. I look forward to sharing space on Sunday morning during our late worship gathering.

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Wade Allen will be preaching this week (January 26) from Matthew 4:12-23

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