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Wade Allen
Wade Allen

As we continue in the season of Epiphany, we are journeying with Jesus as he begins his ministry. Last week, we talked about his bold statement in his hometown synagogue.

(Luke 4:21 ESV) Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.

Jesus refused to settle for a nice sermon. In the power of the Spirit, he fearlessly proclaimed his mission. He is the Son of God, the fulfillment of the prophets. The townspeople initially responded kindly, but they were quickly offended by his message. Right in the middle of Luke 4:22, the tide turns and by verse 28, they are ready to kill him.

This week, we move into Luke 5 and explore the calling of key disciples. Jesus’ popularity continues to grow and he can hardly move about because of the crowds. But Jesus is not focused on the crowds; he is about to select a small group of disciples. In this week’s text, we will explore this encounter. Jesus meets them where they are, in a fishing boat. But by the end of this encounter, they are willing to drop it all and follow Jesus. The story is fascinating. I am looking forward to studying it with you. Let me invite you to read Luke 5:1-11 as you prepare for worship on Sunday.

If you were not able to be with us this past week, you can watch the sermon online here. See you on Sunday.

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