Solomon's Final Response
Wade Allen, September 28, 2015

It was nice to gather together in a combined service on Sunday. While some of us prefer one worship style over another, we are one church. It is good to be together sometimes.

We come this week to our last sermon in our series on the life of Solomon. We will look closely at his attitude in these final chapters of his life. Scholars disagree as to whether Solomon repented in the end. Some point to inaction in terms of removing the pagan worship alters. Others highlight his words in the book of Ecclesiastes as a form of repentance.

Only God knows the final condition of Solomon’s heart. However when we compare his response to God’s chastisement to that of his father David (Psalm 51), we see an entirely different posture. David falls on his face before God begging for forgiveness. Solomon appears to rebel against God’s punishment.

As we consider the responses of Solomon and David, we are challenged in our own dealings with God. When God reveals disobedience in our lives, how do we respond? Do we become defensive, unwilling to admit failure? Or do we repent, asking for God’s forgiveness as we turn from our sin? Join us on Sunday as we reflect on the final chapter of Solomon’s life. 1 Kings 11:14-43

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