Wade Allen, July 27, 2015

There are times when we are seeking God’s direction and we find ourselves stuck. We know that God desires a particular direction or action, but the timing is not clear. Maybe we have been sensing God leading us, but we are not sure how to get started.

In this week’s text, Solomon finally takes action on something that he has known his entire life. All the way back to his father David, God has revealed that Solomon will the one to build the temple. Perhaps Solomon had heard the story from his childhood. David wanted to construct a temple for God, but he was halted in his plans. God revealed to David that it would be his son to complete this endeavor. But when would Solomon get to work on it? How would he begin?

We do not know exactly how it all played out, but it seems that Solomon is propelled into action when he is contacted by Hiram (King of Tyre). Hiram hears that Solomon is now king and takes the initiative to make sure that he remains on good terms. It just so happens that Hiram has what Solomon needs for his construction project. Solomon sends word to Hiram,

(1 Kings 5:5 NIV11-GK) I intend, therefore, to build a temple

I love this language. I intend … Solomon has not taken action but he has the intention of building the temple. There is a difference between intentions and action. It is one thing to say that you will get around to it one day and another to actually begin working on a project, a paper, a contact, a phone call, etc. In 1 Kings 5, we watch the conversation unfold that prompts Solomon to begin the temple project.

As we consider this text on Sunday, we will be challenged with our intentions. Maybe God has been speaking into your life for some time about a particular ministry or contact or action. Perhaps you have been busy with other things. As we survey the story of Solomon, God may be prompting us to action. I hope you will join us on Sunday as we continue the fascinating story of King Solomon.

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