Rock Star Solomon

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

Walking through the life of Solomon has been a joy. I have learned much in studying various details of his life. It just so happens that all of our July sermons have been on Solomon’s wisdom. In August, we will begin talking about the temple (another key theme in Solomon’s life). As we come to this last Sunday in July, we get a description of Solomon’s administration (1 Kings 4).

Last week, we studied one of the most famous displays of God’s wisdom in Solomon’s life. The extremely difficult case of the two prostitutes and the dead baby posed an impossible legal situation for Solomon. Yet he discerns the situation and acts with utmost skill to identify the real mother. At the end of 1 Kings 3, we see Solomon’s reputation expanding.

(1 Kings 3:28 NIV11-GK) When all Israel heard the verdict the king had given, they held the king in awe, because they saw that he had wisdom from God to administer justice.

As we move to the fourth chapter, we find a lot of names and lists. At the same time, we discover language that is similar to God’s interaction with Abraham. In short, Solomon fulfills God’s promise to Abraham. This account of his administration is almost idealistic. Solomon is wise, successful, powerful, wealthy and famous. He is like a rock star. Everyone is coming around to meet this extraordinary king. At the same time, we can learn much from this chapter. While Solomon is blessed, we discover hints of compromise in his life.

Join us on Sunday as we explore 1 Kings 4. Chapters like this (lists and names) are not always the most interesting. We sometimes skip over these sorts of chapters in our bible reading. Yet as we delve into this text, we will find application for our lives in 2015.

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