Beginning Solomon
Wade Allen, May 26, 2015

I have been looking forward to this coming Sunday for several weeks. We begin our series on the life of Solomon on Sunday. I have been preparing ahead for several weeks now; I am excited to share with you this intriguing story. This series will take us well into the fall. A few breaks over the summer will be necessary, but we will be in Solomon’s life for the most part of the next several months.

This week, we begin the story in 1 Kings 1. David is old and is unable to keep warm. His officials find a beautiful young virgin to cuddle with him. I guess a warm blanket would not do the trick. To say the least, David is preoccupied; he is not paying attention to the palace politics. His older son Adonijah is preparing to secure the throne once David has passed away. He has formed political alliances and secured the resources necessary to make the move. David’s prophet is on top of things. He, along with Bathsheba, approach David with the news. David rises to the occasion and follows God’s plan of hurrying the coronation of Solomon.

As we enter into this story, we will find surprising application to our lives, even though we are thousands of years removed from the situation. As we journey together through this series, we will find God speaking into our context. I am thrilled to lead you in this study. May we come with open hearts to God’s voice as we study his Word together (1 Kings 1).

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