The Poor

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

We are well into our outreach emphasis (Muncie Reach Week). Projects are ongoing this week with Sunken Room project underway, the Westminister Village Project completed as well as the Bridges Poverty Class complete. I hope that everyone has found a place to be involved. I look forward to hearing the stories in our combined worship service on Sunday, April 26 at 10:45 AM.

This week, we focus on what it means to reach the poor. As a church, we use considerable resources to reach out to those who are economically challenged. But what does God say (in the Bible) about the poor? You may not be surprised that the Bible has much to say about the poor. It would take us several weeks to survey the entirety of these verses. However, we are going to highlight the Bible’s focus on the poor in just one service. We will only scratch the surface. Yet I hope that we will get a sense of how important the poor are to God.

We will be joined by the Revolution Church on Sunday during the late service (our early service will take place at 9:15 as usual). The student focused church usually meets on the Ball State Campus. However, they have used our building on a number of occasions for baptisms. Pastor Neil Kring will be team-preaching with me. I am excited about joining together in worship with another church.

Neil and I will explore together the Bible’s admonitions in terms of reaching the poor. I will survey the Old Testament and Neil will give us an overview of the New Testament. Again, we will only scan the topic; yet we will see that God’s heart is with the poor. See you on Sunday.

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