Wade Allen
Wade Allen

It has been worthwhile reviewing our mission statement as a congregation. I have found that we have to keep reminding ourselves of why we are here and what we are to be doing. It is easy to lose focus. So far, we have discussed the first three (of five) main words in our mission statement.

We are a Spirit-led people gathered to care for and empower each other by stewarding God’s resources to impact our community for Christ

We have talked about gather, care and empower. This week, we come to the fourth word (steward). Many associate this word with money; yet we will find a broader implications as we explore the concept this week.

We will be reading a surprising story in Luke 16:1-13. Without spoiling the story, I will give you a preview in this blog entry. Jesus is telling the story of a manager who is about to lose his job. He has mismanaged the resources that he has been given; his boss has had enough. But the manager thinks deeply about his pending situation and takes action. He forgives his boss’ customers in hopes that it will secure him favors in the future. On the one hand, the manager is dishonest. You might think that Jesus is going to use him as an example of what not to do. Yet Jesus commends this guy. Jesus uses the dishonest manager as an example for us. We are instructed to be shrewd in matters of God’s Kingdom.

(Luke 16:9 NIV11-GK) I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.

As we reflect on the matter of stewardship, we are challenged to keenly consider our resources for the purposes of God’s Kingdom. We are called to utilize all that God has given us for eternal payback.

(Luke 16:10 NIV11-GK) Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

I hope you will take a few minutes to read Luke 16:1-13 as you prepare for worship on Sunday.

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