Word Made Flesh
Wade Allen, December 08, 2014

Let me warn you, this week’s text is deep. You have probably heard it before. The first reading may make your head hurt. But this text is powerful; the implications are mind-boggling.

It would be impossible to highlight the entire text in a short blog entry. However, I would like to give you just a bit of background to help you prepare for Sunday. The text is John 1:1-18. These are the first words of the gospel of John. Do you remember John?

John was one of three who were in the inner circle of Jesus’ disciples. He was the only disciple to stick with Jesus on the road to the cross. Everyone else ran away, but John stuck it out. In time, John was the only disciple who did not die a martyr’s death. He lived to be very old. Many scholars that he did not pass away until around 100 AD. No doubt, John saw much in his life. He spent personal/private time with Jesus. He saw Jesus crucified and risen from the dead. He was around as the early church spread throughout Asia Minor. John was able to witness more than most during his lifetime. You might say that he had a front row seat to all that God was doing through His incarnation and establishment of the church.

So with all this in mind, we open John’s gospel together. John describes the unimaginable.

(John 1:14 ESV) And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us

He relates the mystery of God becoming flesh. Join us on Sunday as we explore John 1:1-18 on Sunday.

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