Wade Allen
Wade Allen

The book of James was often criticized during the Reformation. Martin Luther did not like it. Some scholars believe that Luther attempted to remove it from the Bible. He felt that it focused too much on works. Luther emphasized faith alone as the means of salvation. He did not appreciate James’ emphasis on action.

As a protestant, I too struggle with the appropriate balance between faith and works. At the same time, I understand the book of James as God’s Word. With this in mind, I take his words seriously. In this week’s text, James stresses the importance of living out our faith in our everyday lives. James writes,

(James 1:22 NIV) Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

James goes on to deem worship without action as worthless. On Sunday, we will explore James 1:19-27. This is a challenging and strong text. I hope you will prepare for worship by reading James 1:19-27. See you on Sunday.

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