Low Point

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

The story of David and Bathsheba is one of the more well known stories in the bible. It has all of the characteristics of a high rated TV show or movie. Adultery, sex, murder, political scandal are all a part of the deal. At the same time, the reader is shocked that the man who is described as after God’s own heart is capable of such destructive behavior.

On Sunday, we will explore this story. David is about 50 years old, having ruled Israel for about 20 years. He is on vacation from his responsibilities while his men are fighting in a war. The idle time proves to a danger zone for David. As he peers across his kingdom, his eyes land on a woman bathing. She is described as very beautiful. The words that describe Bathsheba are common words. In fact, the word for beautiful is the Hebrew word tov. It is used 455 times in the Old Testament. It is sometimes translated as good or pleasant. However, the preceding word (translated very) is only used in conjunction with tov 10 times in the Old Testament. Good or pleasant or beautiful is a common description in the bible. Yet very beautiful is reserved for the most superb (only 10 times). No doubt, Bathsheba was gorgeous. David cannot resist.

He asks his servant to find out more about her. Word comes back to David that she is married. Perhaps David was considering adding her to list of wives and concubines. But she is taken. David could have (should have) dropped it as this point. Yet David continues to pursue her. With a harem full of women, David cannot resist one more.

The story unfolds with an advanced cover-up operation. In the end, David is left hiding the most grievous sins that a person can commit. To make matters worse, he believes it best for his sin will remain hidden. But sin has a way of making it to the surface. While it prefers to remain in the dark, it slowly eats away at everything good. David is in a mess.

Join us on Sunday as we explore the account of 2 Samuel 11. As we watch David plummet to perhaps the lowest point of his life, we are reminded of the destructive nature of sin. May we be challenged as we face the temptations and sin in our own lives.

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