In the Valley

Wade Allen
Wade Allen

I am glad to get back to David this week in worship. When we live in a story for an extended period of time, we often forget where we left off. As we approach this week, let me remind everyone what is happening in the story. David has killed Goliath. I talked about this several weeks ago here; Doug covered it last week here. Thanks Doug! We also covered the time period following this event on the first of June. If you missed this, you can watch the video here. I would encourage you to take a few minutes a catch up. You can also subscribe to the podcast if you prefer audio only.

All that to say, we left David living in Saul’s palace. He was growing in popularity; Saul’s jealousy and suspicion was also increasing. We can sense that something is about to happen. Sure enough David’s life is at risk. One day, Saul sends his men to kill David. In a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) type scene, David slips out with a goat’s hair covered idol in his bed. He is on the run. While he has done nothing wrong, he slowly loses everything important to him. In the next several chapters, David’s life takes a plunge. He loses his wife (Saul gives her to another man). He loses his spiritual guide, Samuel. He loses his best friend, Jonathan. He is even rejected from the enemy camp as he seeks refuge.

Wasn’t God with David? Hasn’t David been anointed as king? What is going on? In this week’s text, we find David in a very low place. He seems to have hit rock bottom. As we study the story of David, we may find parallels in our own lives. Do you find yourself in a valley? Do you wonder if God has forgotten you? Join us on Sunday as we traverse the story together. We are going to be navigating several chapters. I would encourage you to read them before we gather on Sunday (1 Samuel 19-21). We will also be considering Psalm 23.

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