Wade Allen, May 05, 2014

We take a break this week from our David series to talk about mothers. However, we will not move far away from David’s story. We will rewind a few chapters to 1 Samuel 1. The story of Hannah teaches us much about motherhood.

We find a heartbroken second wife (we will talk more about the dynamics of polygamy on Sunday) who is unable to bear children. She pours out her heart to God. She vows to dedicate her child to God if he will allow her to bear a child. God grants her request; Samuel is born.

Samuel plays an important role in the history of Israel. He brings purity to a corrupt system of priests. His function as prophet in days of Saul is an integral part of bringing David to the throne. No doubt, he is a key character in the story.

But this week, we will talk about his mother. His mother is a woman of great faith. She models for us what it means to bring our pain to God. God honors her faith by giving her a primary role in His story.

Join us on Sunday as we explore the story of Hannah. Also, don’t forget to acknowledge the important role of your own mother as we come to this day of celebration.

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Wade Allen will be preaching this week (March 01) from Matthew 18:21-35

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