Easter Plans
Wade Allen, March 13, 2014

Easter comes late this year. The latest possible date for Easter is April 25. A few of you might remember when it last occurred on that date (1943). The next time it falls on the latest possible date will be 2038. All the same, Easter falls on April 20 this year. This gives us plenty of time for the grass to green.


I wanted to fill you in on Easter plans at First Baptist. Easter is a high point in worship for Christians throughout the world. It is day when we celebrate the Risen Christ. We are going to veer from our usual plans a bit this year. Instead of coming together for one service, we are going to hold two services with distinct styles. As we do each week, the early service will begin at 9:15 AM and the late service will be at 10:45 AM. Having two services will give each planning team the opportunity to celebrate each style in full. Having two times will also allow for families with out of town plans to worship early.


For the past few years, we have held an Easter brunch during the early worship hour. This year, we will have a lighter self-serve brunch between services (10:15-10:45 AM). This will give everyone a chance to be together on this special Sunday. We would encourage everyone to plan to have breakfast at First Baptist on Easter Sunday.

Good Friday

One final note about Holy Week: First Baptist will host the community-wide Good Friday service at noon. Willie Jackson, pastor at Union Missionary Baptist Church, will be preaching. Willie is a powerful preacher and joining our Christian brothers and sisters on this special day will certainly be a treat.

We hope that you all will mark your calendars for these dates.

Join us for our Worship Gatherings

9:15 AM (Traditional), 10:45 AM (Contemporary) each Sunday.

Wade Allen will be preaching this week (February 23) from Matthew 17:1-9

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