Wade Allen
Wade Allen

What does it mean to be blessed? We all want blessings; we want to live a blessed life. But what do we mean? If we pressed the issue, many of us would define the word as having to do with economic success or a life free of pain and suffering. We might even speak of having family and friends who support us. These are the typical ways we define blessings.

But when Jesus shows up and considers the blessed, he has entirely different categories. In this week’s text (Matthew 5:1-12), we will be exploring what many refer to as The Beatitudes (Latin for Blessings). Jesus’ description of the blessed may surprise you. In fact we often consider those in his sermon cursed. His message flies in the face of our cultural understanding of blessed

Join us on Sunday as we explore Matthew 5:1-12 together. I would encourage you to take few minutes to read the passage as you prepare for worship.

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