Easter Changes Everything
Wade Allen, March 25, 2013

We are down in Georgia this week. I should not be doing church work. Yet, I am preaching on Sunday and I need to do a bit of preparation. I promise I will not do too much :).

I am reviewing the sermon for Sunday. I get pumped up at Easter; it is highest day on the church calendar. Because of Easter, Jesus’ suffering makes sense. Because of Easter, God’s purposes throughout all of history are made clear.

On Sunday, we are going to be exploring John’s account of the resurrection. There are six accounts in Scripture. Each one looks at the story from a different viewpoint. John seems to focus on Mary Magdalene. Her experience that morning begins with doubt and a fairly pessimistic first response to the empty tomb. Yet her encounter with the risen Jesus changes everything for her. Her doubt quickly shifts to belief when she hears the voice of her Savior.

We each experience doubt and belief at different levels. Some are quick to believe, to trust. Others take a bit more time. Yet in the end, Jesus provides what is necessary for each of us. As we approach Sunday, may we be transformed by Easter. May it clarify God’s purposes in the world, then and now. May we be reminded that God is worthy of our trust, even when we cannot see the entire picture.

We will gather at 9:30 AM on Sunday, March 31 in the lower auditorium for breakfast. We will worship in one combined service at 10:45 AM in the sanctuary. I hope to see you then.

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