A Hurt Toe
Wade Allen, January 22, 2013

Several months ago, I showed up on Sunday morning wearing one of Dawson’s sandals. It looked kind of funny wearing a dress shoe on one foot and a Jordan sandal on the other. But I was not trying to make a fashion statement; my attire was a matter of necessity. A few nights before, I was washing dishes. A drinking glass slipped out of my hand and crashed onto the counter; a shard of glass pierced my big toe.

I am no stranger to foot injuries. Several years ago, my toenail popped off as I ascended from a subway station in Atlanta. I caught it on the cement stairs while wearing flip-flops. Before that, I twisted my ankle while jogging, fracturing a bone in my foot. Adam Fink commented, “You tend to hurt your foot a lot.”

It is amazing how dysfunction in your smallest body part can throw a wrench in your day to day activities. A simple walk upstairs can turn into a multi-faceted ordeal. In this week’s text, Paul uses the analogy of the body and its parts as he teaches the church about spiritual gifts.

(1 Corinthians 12:12 NIV) The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body.

Paul describes the tension between a unified body and the variety of its parts. We are one, yet we function in an assortment of areas. We must keep this tension in mind as we think about spiritual gifts. We function in various ways; yet each part is necessary and contributes to the whole.

While my disabled toe was healing, I was unable to carry out my daily workout; I was impaired. The injured body part affected the whole body. As we gather on Sunday, we will consider Paul’s description of the body and its parts. May we get a clear picture of a healty body, living into its full potential as the church of Christ.

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