Wade Allen, January 07, 2013

This week, we turn to a Psalm in our stewardship series. A while back, we did a series on the Psalms; we discovered the rich treasury of poetry and reflection in this ancient collection. Psalm 29, this week’s text, was written by David.

David is one interesting character to say the least. His story includes all the components of a good movie. From humble beginnings to an ascension to power, David’s story includes tension, drama, attempted murder, friendship and betrayal. As King, his story gets more interesting. The plot involves adultery, murder, father and son rivalries, forgiveness and restoration. By the time it is all over, David’s kingdom is perhaps the greatest in Israel’s history. From worldly standards, he was tremendously successful.

With success comes the potential for arrogance. It is easy to believe that we are somehow responsible for our good fortune. But David is careful to give God credit. He writes in Psalm 29,

(Psalms 29:1–2 NIV) Ascribe to the LORD, O mighty ones, ascribe to the LORD glory and strength. Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.

Three times, David uses the word ascribe. This seems to be a key word in this psalm. The word is translated different ways in the Old Testament (come, choose, bring), but the most common translation is give. It has to do with giving someone what they are due. David is reminding us that God is due the glory. In other words, we are to credit God for all He has done.

It may have been easy for David to take credit for his success. No doubt, he was a powerful and effective leader. Yet he understands his success as coming from God. As we consider our lives, we must be careful to ascribe the glory to God.

Join us on Sunday as we explore how this plays out in our lives. David’s admonition is more than lip service. To adequately credit God involves action. The foundational notion of crediting God challenges us to consider our calendar, our financial resources, our talents and our energy. Are we giving God credit in the way we use the gifts He has given us?

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