Family Tree
Wade Allen, October 29, 2012

A few years ago, I had an opportunity to connect with a bit of my family history. Dawson, Levi and I were traveling in the countryside of Georgia; we were on our way back from Fresh Air BBQ in Jackson. We passed my great-grandfather’s farm which sparked my interest in my lineage. We stopped by the land, walked around and even came across an old family cemetery. On that same visit to Georgia, my uncle gave me a copy of a written history of this land. It was fascinating to explore this story. While the story was filled with details, including specific dates, people and even copies of their wills, reading it raised my curiosity. I wondered how the various family lines developed. I wondered about the siblings. Where did they end up? Were there untold stories of love, war, romance, tragedy? How did their lives play out?

As we come to the final chapters of Genesis, we are given insight into the lineage of Jacob’s sons. On his deathbed, Jacob blesses his sons and prophesies about their descendants. We are reminded that Genesis is not an isolated story; it is the base for the remaining story of Scripture. It is the foundation for the people of God. The story does not end with the final verse of Genesis; it continues and includes many twists and turns. Eventually, the story includes Jesus’s arrival; His life, death and resurrection is the pinnacle of the story that begins in Genesis.

As we gather at the Table to remember Jesus’s sacrifice for us this week, we are reminded that God was planning His work all the way back in Genesis. We are reminded that our lives are impacted by a larger story. We are included in this story as we live in God’s Kingdom. May we fall in love with God’s story. May we yearn to learn and live in His story. May we consider our role in His story and how our lives impact generations that follow us.

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