Evil Within
Wade Allen, May 14, 2012

Erik Larson’s 2003 New York Times best seller The Devil in the White City highlights the story of two men. The magical Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 involved architect Daniel Burnham who constructed what many called “The White City.” With the invention of electricity, he used floodlights to accentuate amazing architectural feats on Chicago’s southern shore of Lake Michigan. The book also highlights H.H. Holmes. His work was ambitious but extremely evil. He constructed a three block hotel in which he murdered (some believe) over 200 people. Leonardo Dicaprio has purchased the rights to the story and is in process of producing a movie (opening in 2014).

The similarities and contrasts of these two men is fascinating. While both have grand schemes, Holmes’ sinister vision seems to have been bolstered by an unexplainable evil. Holmes targeted single young women in his diabolical plan. Screenwriter Graham Moore, in an interview with Deadline.com, describes Holmes.

Holmes was a most likable guy who inwardly was a tremendous monster

As we come to Genesis 3 this week, we find a similar character. A serpent approaches the first woman with a villainous proposal. It seems harmless on the surface; yet the impact of her (and eventually her husband’s) decision is immense. The story is familiar; we all know what happens. Yet as we enter into the story once again, we are reminded of our own failure, our own tendency for evil. While it is easy to blame Adam and Eve for the brokenness of our world, we have all participated in their actions. Join us on Sunday as we study Genesis 3 together.

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