The Gift of Women
Wade Allen, May 07, 2012

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. Celebrations for mothers date back to ancient civilizations and today vary among cultures and countries. In the United States, we designate the second Sunday in May to celebrate our moms. Restaurants appreciate the break we give our moms on this day. Kids sometimes do extra chores around the house our create a colorful card. On Sunday in worship, we will reflect on our shared mother, Eve. As we venture through the book of Genesis, it seems appropriate to consider the creation of woman in Genesis 2.

Many are familiar with the story. Adam is placed in a coma while God removes one of his ribs. When he wakes up, he is presented with Eve. They join together in shameless sexuality and serve as models for marriage as God intended. What relevance does this text have for us in the year 2012? How might we approach Mother’s Day differently as we engage this text?

There is much discussion these days about gender. Gender inequality has curbed discussion of gender differences and roles. While male-dominated cultures have abused and neglected the gifts and contributions of women for thousands of years, a peek into God’s original plan may prove insightful. God created gender as a gift. If God intended us to ignore gender, the story would be different. As we explore Genesis 2, we find Adam in desperate need of a partner. He surveys all the animals to determine if one might be appropriate.

(Genesis 2:20 NIV) But for Adam no suitable helper was found.

God responds by creating woman; she has all the necessary characteristics. She complements Adam in every way. They are able to fulfill God’s design to be fruitful and multiply. A key verse in the story is v. 25.

(Genesis 2:25 NIV) The man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.

Adam and Eve in Eden reveal God’s plan for gender and sexuality. Our differences in gender should be celebrated, not dismissed. One gender should not dominate the other; both are essential and invaluable. Together, we fulfill God’s design for His creation. Both Jesus and Paul point to Genesis 2 as they teach on marriage. This crucial text helps us understand the beauty and value of women. Join us on Sunday as we celebrate the gift of women.

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