Reminded Psalms
Wade Allen, February 27, 2012

Are you a forgetful person? I have to write everything down in order to remember. I actually have a list that I live by. If an item is not on my list, it does not exist. In our busy world, we need reminders.

In this week’s Psalm, we are told that all nations will one day remember God’s works and turn to him. This is a fascinating psalm. The first verse of this psalm is familiar to all readers of the gospels.

(Psalms 22:1 NIV) My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Jesus chose to quote this psalm in his darkest hour. Twenty-six verses later, we are told that

(Psalms 22:27 NIV) All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD

As we talked about Sunday in worship, the psalms express every emotion possible. In Psalm 22, we experience the terror of God’s abandonment; we progress toward a confession that God’s actions will prompt the nations to remember and turn to God. This is often the story of our lives. We move from one emotion to the next. At times, we wonder if God has turned his back on us. Other times, we can boldly confess that God is with us. It is no coincidence that Jesus draws from this psalm on the worst and greatest day of human history. In the grip of Roman execution, God was saving the world. This paradox is the center of the gospel message.

It is not that we forget the Cross; yet it does not always occupy a primary place in our minds. We need to be reminded. As we come to the table on Sunday, we will remember the work of Jesus on the Cross. Appropriately, we will study the psalm that he chose in the midst of his incredible work of salvation.

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