Vision for Presence

Our vision for being present to the mission of God in our world

As a faithful community of Jesus followers, we understand our calling as living obedient lives of tending to God's presence in our world. Matthew 25 reminds us of the eternal significance of neglecting the least of these among us.

Tending to God's Presence

A key theme of the Bible is God's presence among His people. From Genesis to Revelation, God is among His people and active in the world.
Through Jesus, God steps into our world in a dramatic and powerful way. Jesus calls us as His followers into His Kingdom and calls us to live out His presence in our world.

Changing World

Our world is quickly and drastically changing. We understand the continual need to discern the cultural changes in light of God's presence among us and in our world.

What does this mean?

We sense an increased emphasis on tending to God's presence in our changing world. As we carefully and intentionally place ourselves in places where God has told us He is present, we will discover God in fresh ways.

Discerning Together

We don't have it all figured out. We are spending significant time this summer discerning how this plays out.
As we enter a season of pastoral sabbatical, we will work together to discern ways that God is calling us to be present in our world.

Practically speaking

We look for ways to join God in His mission. We want to be a community of believers who do not miss God's work in our world. We want to be faithful Kingdom followers who discern God and obey His calling in our lives.