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Holy Week

This week is the highest week on the church calendar. That is why many refer to is as Holy Week. We began yesterday with Palm Sunday; we move toward Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Scholars suggest that over a third of the content of the four gospels is centered on the events of this week. It is certainly a priority...

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Laser Focus

Sunday begins the most significant week on the church calendar. Palm Sunday kicks off the journey of Jesus to the Cross. Certainly, his journey began before Palm Sunday, but this final week of Jesus' life on earth gives us the opportunity to reflect on the intensity of Jesus' suffering.

The lectionary text this year is very long. It spans across...

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Why Jesus Healed

Have you ever wondered why Jesus performed miracles? Certainly the recipients of the miracles benefited from their encounter with Jesus. Yet if you think about it, all of the people who were healed by Jesus eventually died. Even Lazarus, who was resurrected from the tomb, died again. At best, the miracles were temporary. So why did Jesus spend time healing...

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Easter Plans

Easter comes late this year. The latest possible date for Easter is April 25. A few of you might remember when it last occurred on that date (1943). The next time it falls on the latest possible date will be 2038. All the same, Easter falls on April 20 this year. This gives us plenty of time for the grass...

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A few weeks ago, we were watching home videos. We came across videos of Anna and Dawson’s birth. Don’t worry; they were not too graphic. As they watched the screen, I wondered how it might feel to experience your birth (even if it is by video). I asked them if it was a little strange to watch the event of...

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