Updates about all that is happening

There are many events, activities and teams at First Baptist. Here are a few updates about all that is happening.
Bell Ringing

Plan ahead to ring bells at the Muncie Mall at Penneys SE entrance or Macy’s south store entrance on December 12th and 14th from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Schedules will be posted before the Harvest Dinner. Find a friend or bring a class.

Youth Ski Trip

The youth will be traveling to Green Lake, Wisconsin on January 12-15, 2018. If you are interesting in attending, please sign up on the by Sunday, December 10.

Ski Trip Page

Legacy Campaign Update

The Legacy Team reminds all that it is not too late to make a pledge to the Legacy Capital Campaign. Cards are available in the back of the sanctuary or the church office or may be obtained by speaking with MaryAnne Bayer, Ray Conley, Bill Eidson, Larry Fouch, James Martin, Molly Flodder, Dan Lemen, or Joe Songer. Even if the first “payment” has to be in 2018, we encourage you to get a card and turn it in now. Already 90% of the goal has been pledged. It would be nice, however, to have a more detailed picture of what gifts will come in between now and the late-2019 culmination.

“Our 88-year-old building is our gift to future generations and our community. We must be good stewards of keeping it in a state of restoration and good repair,” said MaryAnne Bayer, Legacy Team Chair.

Pillow Case Project

Thank you all for your assistance with the pillowcase project: the pillow purchasers, the sewers, the coaches, the notice writers, and the prayers. This year we will have about 60 pillowcases to deliver to the following charities: Christian Ministries Men’s sleeping room, Kid’s Peace (foster children), Longfellow Kindergarten, and YWCA blanket cupboard. Deliveries will be made in early December. We plan to continue this project in 2018. All are welcome to come to sew and iron. This year adults sewed on the last Thursday of the month from 2:00–4:00. Dana got donations of six boxes of fabric that have helped much with this project.

Friendship Class

The Friendship Class is for special-needs adults. Volunteers are needed to help with the classes. If you have questions about the class or would like to volunteer, call Jane Patton.

Bible Study

Early Sunday School: Sundays, 9:15 AM (Intergenerational Class, Children’s Classes for Various Ages, Middle School Sunday School Class)

Late Sunday School: Sundays, 10:15 AM (Bykota) & 10:30 AM (Friendship and an Inter generational Class)

Mondays: Women’s Bible Study 4:15 PM

Financial Reports

Financial Reports and CCT Meeting Summaries are available in the church office on the receptionist’s desk.

Wednesday Music Rehearsals

7:00 PM Praise Team